Friday, 18 April 2014

So much progress! Where to start!

Well obviously my blog up keeping has been going well :-) Life has escalated in the last few months - I have started a new job (which I love!) and I have also volunteered to run the school fete, so that's all I have been doing - as well as house stuff :)

So, what has happened since the floors went in? Lots! I will try to catch up in a few posts, in pics. Enjoy!!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Floors are in!

I couldn't believe it when I turned up on 17 January and the floors were going in! Great to watch Mark and the carpenters working, very clever. And this is the floor that Mark built :) :

It looks fantastic, however it's all a bit "wooden" inside now - it will be great to see the floors contrasted against the walls once in and painted. However I can't knock the process or the beauty of the floors!

Electricians & Plumbers ... and a bit more cladding

The trouble with leaving the blog for a while is that I have even more to catch up on! I'm so glad to say that there has been a lot happening.

A week after returning from Christmas we were booked in by the new fantastic office manager to meet with the plumber and electrician for a walk through.

Our walk through with the electrician took just over 2 hours - it's harder than we realised to identify how many power points and lights you need and where you need them in a room you haven't lived in yet! I was shattered at the end however we felt confident that we had covered everything we need - at least that's what we hope!

The shock of the day was finding out how much the LED downlights are that we need. We need something like 48 downlights (plus a few pendants and fan lights) and they can come in at up to $100 a pop! Ouch!! Tip for the future: research and budget realistically for the cost of lights as well as their installation. Definitely have some research and shopping around to do there. DH and I are yet to agree on the pendant for the void too :-)

As you've gathered, we're going for LED downlights throughout the house, with feature pendants in the foyer, above the kitchen island, in the master bedroom, in the ensuite and powder room. We have white fan lights going in the bedrooms, lounge room and media room.

We met with the plumber the following day and I just needed to confirm the location of  our vanities, sinks, taps and shower heads. A few things I hadn't thought through included the location of the shower taps (you want to be able to turn on the shower without getting wet!) and the location of the bath taps and spout. I wanted the latter at the end of the bath, not centred, as in my experience the kids will scrape themselves on it. This created another problem though as I needed a longer spout and the range we had selected doesn't include a longer spout. Nothing is straightforward in this game!!

One last issue we had with the plumbing was running the services from upstairs to the void downstairs. After looking at every option, the only viable solution was to run the services through the top of the laundry, creating a bulkhead and losing our laundry chute. The other options created larger, more conspicuous bulkheads, which wasn't an option.

Meanwhile the cladding was progressing - here are some exterior shots:

Things are moving quickly! 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Wet areas and some interior shots

Also on our first visit back after Christmas, the floors of the wet areas had been lined and the interior of the house had changed with the cladding going up. We're told this is the dark, small stage of the build, and the rooms will feel bigger when the gib goes up. 

Some pictures for you:

The Lounge Room


Looking back to the future study nook and laundry to the left

Looking out of the Laundry to the open plan living. Wet floors in. 

Formal Lounge Room

Formal Lounge Room looking up into Master 1's bedroom and down into the Powder Room and storage room

Looking from the front door down to the living room and deck, and up to the first floor bedrooms

Miss 3's bedroom

Wet floor in upstairs toilet

Ensuite (with wet floor!)

More of the ensuite. The shower will go to the right of  this wall, the toilet to the left.

Master Bedroom (looking at the wall clad on the exterior).

Before any gib board goes up, I wanted to take some shots of the ceiling cavity. It's so complex and interesting, I wanted to record it before it's hidden away: